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Where Founders Become Leaders

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    Joseph Fuerst

    A Journey of Empowerment and Success

    Embarking on a Journey Together

    My story in Israel’s dynamic tech start-up industry spans over two decades, a period during which I've not only grown but have also helped nurture the ecosystems around me. With pivotal roles at key industry players like SimilarWeb, WalkMe, Sisense, and Clicktale (now Contentsquare), my experience is rich with instances of navigating through surging growth environments and steering newly minted start-ups towards success. This journey has equipped me with insights and strategies that I'm eager to share, aiming to guide founders through the complex yet thrilling path of tech entrepreneurship.

    A Foundation Built on Excellence

    Professionalism and the pursuit of excellence form the cornerstone of my approach. In every venture and project I've undertaken, integrity and excellence have been paramount, guiding how teams are managed and how business objectives are achieved. This ethos is what I bring to my coaching, aiming to instill these values in the founders I work with. It's about creating an environment where every stakeholder is valued, and every goal is pursued with unwavering dedication.

    Vision, Determination, and Growth

    My belief in the transformative power of vision and determination has been a key driver of my success. Originating from humble beginnings, I've always held firm to the conviction that anything imaginable can be achieved. This mindset, coupled with a readiness to view challenges as opportunities, forms the essence of the guidance I offer. It's about fostering a growth mindset, encouraging founders to make bold decisions, embrace challenges, and always remain open to learning and evolving.

    Empowering Leaders for Tomorrow

    Staying grounded and approachable, despite the successes, is something I deeply value. As a coach, my focus is not just on achieving immediate goals but on building the leadership qualities that will empower founders in the long term. Through structured guidance, organizational efficiency, and active mentorship, I aim to help founders not only excel in their current roles but also prepare them to inspire and lead the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Navigating the Maze

    Common Pain Points for Startup Founders

    Talent Acquisition and Team Building

    Finding the right talent and building a cohesive team stands as one of the most daunting challenges startup founders face. In the early stages of a startup, every team member's contribution is critical, making the stakes for hiring decisions incredibly high. Through personalized coaching, I've helped founders refine their recruiting strategies, ensuring they not only attract top talent but also foster a collaborative and high-performing team culture.

    Sales Strategy and Growth

    Developing and executing a sales strategy that propels growth can feel like navigating through uncharted waters for many startup founders. Balancing short-term revenue needs with long-term strategic goals requires insight and experience many new entrepreneurs might not yet possess. My coaching service addresses this by providing founders with the tools and knowledge to build robust sales pipelines, set realistic yet ambitious sales goals, and create compensation plans that motivate and retain top sales talent.

    Funding and Financial Management

    Securing funding and managing finances efficiently are critical hurdles on the startup journey. Many founders struggle with pitching to investors, managing cash flow, and making informed financial decisions. Through coaching, I've guided founders through the intricacies of fundraising, from crafting compelling investment pitches to strategic financial planning, helping them secure the resources they need to scale their ventures.

    Scaling and Sustainable Growth

    Scaling a startup while ensuring sustainable growth is a significant challenge that many founders face as they transition from a small to a medium-sized business. Issues like maintaining company culture, managing an expanding team, and adapting the business model can often become overwhelming. My coaching services provide strategic insights and actionable advice on managing growth effectively, helping founders scale their startups without compromising their vision or values.

    Tailored Coaching Services for Founders Ready to Lead

    Unlock Your Startup's Full Potential

    Master sales leadership, team management, and strategic control to navigate your startup to success. Your journey to de-risked success starts here.

    Transform Challenges into Milestones

    Steer Your Startup to Success with Expert Guidance

    Turn startup challenges into triumphs with a seasoned guide. Leverage expertise and personalized support to navigate, grow, and realize your entrepreneurial vision.

    Happy Clients

    Explore Genuine Feedback from Clients

    The best way to showcase my commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have worked with me.

    "Joseph helped guide our early days of company building at Enquota to find product-market-fit in the sales automation space. Joe’s GTM expertise helped us scale our GTM motion reaching 500k in ARR."

    Sean Lewin

    Founder & CEO

    "I consulted when I was a junior manager who helped me get a better understanding of how to lead teams, how to define and measure success and practical tools for the top of our funnel."

    Dan Edelman

    Director of Business Development

    "Joseph provided valuable help in shaping our go-to-market and sales tactics."

    Maayan Netzer

    Co-Founder & CEO

    "Joseph gave us valuable guidelines on how to market our B2B product. On the niche, target industry, and specific problems our clients face. We’ve adjusted our product strategy and rethought our pitch as a result. Over time, it became clear that Joseph had nailed it. That was precisely what we needed to focus on."

    Andrew Altshuler


    "Joseph supported me when I was asked to expand my role at Kaltura and take the leadership on the global SDR team. Over several sessions, Joseph thought me everything on how to buld and manage a top performing SDR team: from KPI’s to leading performance indicators, from effective cadence to supporting sales. At the end of the day, we built a super strong team with 80% meeting to opportunity conversion."

    Five Sigma
    Dana Poleg


    "During my early steps into hi-tech, Joe provided me with invaluable insight and advice. Joe's advice helped shape my career progression and helped lead me to where I am today. I frequently share a particular insight he shared with me, with friends, family, my team, people I manage and other people who might need it. Thanks Joe."

    Howard Schulman

    VP of Go-to-Market

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm here to answer all your questions

    Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to "Book a Call" or hit the "Let's Talk" button.

    Answer: I specialize in consulting across a diverse range of tech startups, from early-stage ventures to scale-ups looking to expand. My expertise is particularly strong in SaaS, fintech, and healthtech, but I'm equipped to guide startups in various sectors towards growth and success.
    Answer: My consultancy service offers strategic guidance on business development, sales strategy, market entry, and scaling operations. By leveraging industry insights, personalized coaching, and tactical planning, I help startups streamline processes, accelerate growth, and achieve their business goals.
    My approach is highly collaborative and tailored to each startup's unique needs. I combine analytical assessment with creative problem-solving to address challenges. By focusing on data-driven strategies and fostering a culture of innovation, I help startups navigate obstacles and capitalize on opportunities.
    What sets my services apart is the personalized, hands-on approach I take with each startup. Drawing on over two decades of experience in the tech startup ecosystem, I offer not just advice but practical solutions that are implementable. My commitment to your success is unwavering, and I'm dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations.
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